AntCMS is a flat-file CMS that's built to have very low system resource usage while providing website speeds rivaling a static website.


  • Built in support for gzip, brotli, and zstd compression.
  • Automatic compression for text-based assets (JS, HTML, CSS, ect).
  • Automatic image compression for JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WEBP image formats.
  • Insanely fast with zero tuning.
  • Minimal load on system resources.
  • Easy SEO with automatic handling of the robots.txt and sitemap files.
  • Automatic usage of ETags when serving assets to allow client-side caching.
  • Support for custom themes.
  • Per-theme additional styles applied to markdown content.
  • Plugin suppport.
  • Uses Markdown to write content and YAML for the infrequently needed configuration setup.

System Requirements

  • PHP 8.1 or greater
  • PHP Extensions: curl, dom, mbstring

Extensions for Improved Performance

For improved performance, the following PHP extensions are suggested:

  • zstd for zstd compression.
  • brotli for brotli compression.
  • zlib for gzip / deflate compression.
  • gd for automatic image compression.
  • opcache as it optimizes all PHP applications & in AntCMS allows for a faster caching implementation to be used.
  • ctype